Make It Miniseries: Coffee Sugar Scrub

If you’ve never used sugar scrub before, your skin is in for a real treat!  I think it should really be called Skin Polish, because that’s what it does: it exfoliates dead skin cells and leaves your skin silky smooth and soft with emollient oils.  And if you use it instead of shaving cream or soap, you’ll find that it also gives your razor a perfect glide, which helps prevent razor burn and gives a nice close shave.

Unlike salt scrubs, sugar scrub won’t sting the skin if you have any tiny cuts or abrasions – or if you happen to nick yourself while shaving.  Also, plain granulated sugar naturally contains glycolic acid, which is also a mild exfoliant.  It’s quick and simple to make, and you probably have most of the ingredients in your kitchen right now – if you made some coffee oil (I posted a tutorial on August 1) you only need to add sugar to it for a fantastic scrub.

Start with about ½ to 1 cup of oil, then stir in an equal amount of sugar.  You can use white granulated sugar, coarse demerara sugar, brown sugar, or a combination of any of these.  I found that demerara sugar was too abrasive; a smaller grain provided plenty of scrubbing action for my fairly sensitive skin.  My favorite blend is about half white sugar and half brown sugar.  The warm molasses scent of the brown sugar blends nicely with the coffee scented oil.

Add more sugar if you prefer a less oily scrub.  Store your sugar scrub in a jar with a lid, making sure that no water is introduced inside it.  Water in the sugar scrub will provide an environment for bacteria and mold to grow, so use a clean, dry spoon or scoop to take out a portion of it to use.  Apply to damp skin and massage in, until all or most of the sugar has dissolved; rinse thoroughly.  Be careful getting out of the tub or shower because the oils on your skin and tub can be slippery!

And seriously, please try this when you shave your legs: one of my daughters swears by it.  She used to get razor burn almost every time she shaved, no matter how often she changed blades – nothing really helped until she started shaving with sugar scrub.