Challenge Accepted! 30 Day Blog Challenge Begins Today

When it comes to games or sports, I’m just not a competitive person.  Ribbons and trophies just don’t have much appeal to me.  But when I see the word “challenge” it stirs up something inside me that I have to believe is something like the motivation that some feel when they are competing against others.  To me, a challenge is like competing with myself – can I do it better, faster, and more efficiently?

I have to admit that the first time I read about the “Blog Your Brand 30 Day Challenge” (sponsored by Indie Business Network), I was intrigued, but more than just a little bit terrified.  Like other small business owners, I know I should be blogging.  And I’ve made several false starts at it, only to leave the blogging by the wayside, like an abandoned and broken toy.  But what would happen if I didn’t take other aspects of my business seriously?  If I only fulfill orders “when I feel like it” or make restocks of an item that’s getting low in inventory “when I’m in the mood” – what happens to my business?  It wouldn’t take very long before I wouldn’t have a business, that’s what.

And what would happen if I gave blogging as high a priority as, for example, bookkeeping?  If I plan it, schedule it, and write the posts, will it be worth the time I invest?  Will anyone read it?  (Ah, that’s the fear of every writer: that no one will read or like their work.)  Writing is a very personal thing.  Sharing your own private thoughts, beliefs, and experiences can exist practically forever in printed form or on the internet. It is putting yourself out there in a much bigger way than having a casual conversation with an individual or small group.

The potential (for good) or the risk (for bad) is significant; it’s no wonder that many of us shy away from writing.  Today, I am accepting the challenge to blog for 30 consecutive days, with an expectancy of only “competing” with myself.  Will I keep blogging after this Challenge is over?  Yes, I certainly intend to!  (But no, not every day.) 

Here’s the short list of what’s coming in the next few weeks:

Week 1 – My Top 7 skincare ingredients, and what they can do for you;

Week 2 – How to make your own 6-step facial (like the ones at the spa) at home;

Week 3 – Super simple DIY skincare recipes, 4 ingredients or less;

Week 4 – Food for your skin (yes, what you eat and drink affects your skin!) with recipes.

I hope you’ll join me!