Handmade Bliss: From Our Soap Studio, Straight to You

Our Story

It really all began in 1996, with a simple purchase of a jar of sugar scrub.

My daughter was excited to show me her latest beauty product from the local mall - she was 16 years old and loved to shop at this certain store where all her friends also loved to shop.  Having come from a family with lots of skin sensitivities and allergies, as well as food allergies, it has been a habit to read labels, so naturally I wanted to see what all the fuss was about this thing called "sugar scrub."

I was surprised to see only three ingredients on the label, listed in this order: sugar, mineral oil, fragrance.  The concept was interesting, to exfoliate the skin with scented oil and sugar, so just as I was beginning to wrap my brain around the idea of it, I found out that this not-so-big jar sold for $20.  I was dumbfounded at the price!  This was some crazy markup, I thought, since the whole thing, including the jar and label, couldn't have cost more than a dollar to manufacture. 

And then I thought about those ingredients.  Mineral oil is a petroleum product, and while it is extremely inexpensive, it's not the best oil to use on the skin.  Synthetic fragrance also contains a high percentage of petroleum-based ingredients, as well as some other things that can be skin irritants and even hormone disruptors. At that time, about 20 years ago, I was just beginning to learn about essential oils and how to use them.  I knew that I could easily come up with a sugar scrub that was so much better than the stuff sold at the local mall.  And so my skincare making journey began.

At first I made really simple things, like sugar and salt scrubs, bath salts, and some aromatherapy neck wraps - but I was carefully and methodically researching and studying essential oils, and how to make soaps, lotions, and other more complicated concoctions.  I cautiously began to make soap around 2007, and the following year I turned my hobby into a real business.

Posey and Fern team member Victoria Cardenas came on board in March, 2016, and brings her considerable talents and skills as artist, graphic designer, photographer, and soap making apprentice.  Her beautiful original art is featured on Posey and Fern labels and website designs.  She has created logos and other custom art for others and her online portfolio is located here: http://victoriabcardenas.wix.com/berlinnabi.




Make Every Day A Spa Day

Our goal is to provide our customers with the same superior quality soaps, serums, lotions, and balms that are sold in spas and high-end boutiques to enjoy in your own home.  

100% Pure & Handcrafted

Every item, from soap bars to lotion bars, has been carefully made in small batches to ensure quality and attention to detail.  Each ingredient is selected for its quality and purity; every product is loaded to the brim with nature's best offerings: pure olive oil, rice bran oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, castor oil, cocoa butter, mango seed butter, sea clay, kaolin clay, coconut milk, oat milk, rice milk, sunflower wax, and maple syrup.

Scented with plant based essential oils, resins, floral waxes, and herb-infused oils, colored with plant-based botanicals and clays, Posey and Fern products never contain synthetic colors or fragrance.  


Beginning in the fall of 2017, Posey and Fern began phasing in organic base oils and vegan waxes to raise a higher standard of quality, integrity, and responsibility toward caring for the environment.  Our formulations contain 0% petrochemicals, soy, palm, nut oils or butters, animal products, synthetic fragrance or colorants.  

By the end of 2017 our products will also be made with at least 97% organic base oils and 100% vegan ingredients - because we never stop looking for ways to improve on our soaps and skincare.  Every batch is made just as if we are making it for our family - no detail is too small and only the best ingredients will do.